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I canèt get it out of my head...

Hi folks,

A short personal history follows: I started grad school in 2003, and quickly fell out of love with academia, my department, the university I was attached to, and the state and country where I was studying. So five years, an MS and an Mphil later, I left the locality of my department, never turned in my office keys, and accepted a job that someplace I was a little happier about trying to call “home.” I finished my qualifying exams before I left, and in doing my qualifying exams, I wrote up notes that I can probably turn into a literature review chapter relatively quickly. I also left on relatively good terms with my co-advisors, if not the rest of my department.

Anyways, it’s nine months later, and I think the novelty of living in the “real world” with a job that lasts past June 30th is starting to wear off, and I’m starting to think about my dissertation again. Has anyone here picked up a dissertation and made progress on it after leaving it alone for a significant length of time? If so, how did you get back into it? I feel like I want to finish it – eventually. I also feel like I’m lacking the time or energy to work on it, in addition to working full-time – but I feel like the least I can do is try, especially now that I’m less angry, bitter, depressed, or resentful about being a graduate student.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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