comixologist! (comixologist) wrote in thesisordissert,

Noob ahoy!

Greetings all! I have just joined the comm and figured before I start whining and moaning about the work to come I should introduce myself.

I just finished my first year of the MA and looming on the horizon is my thesis, which I have to churn out in the next year - naturally, I will be toiling away over the summer, too - in order to make a speedy transition into a PhD program. As my username suggests, I'm studying comic books. My BA and the MA I'm working on are in Art History (if you're wondering how the heck somebody studies comic books) but I'm slated to switch to English/Lit for the PhD. I'm hoping to bust out my art crit and my lit crit and TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Or, more realistically, make it through grad school with my sanity intact.

Either way, in the process I'm expecting to need fellows-in-arms to lean on, and this comm looked like prime real estate for that. :D Nice to meet you all!
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