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She Who Must Not Be Named

Summer Academic Working Group 2008

We are happy to announce the 2008 Summer Academic Working Group. This peer accountability and feedback system allows users from anywhere in the world to share documents and feedback. Working group participants participate in "clusters" around a common discipline, theme, or type of work. Clusters exchange work on a regular basis - normally every two weeks - by posting it to a secure course and project management site at the University of Michigan. Participants then provide and receive feedback for members of their cluster. Having a deadline helps everyone get more done, and having feedback makes what's done better.

For more information, or for sign-up instructions, go to . The registration deadline is JUNE 14.

Last year some 20 people participated. It's a really nice opportunity to get feedback from people you don't already hear from regularly or who might bring very different perspectives to your work.

(Crossposted to a bunch of academic communities; please feel free to post to other discipline-specific or personal groups, blogs, or lists via LJ or email.)
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