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Calll for Reviewers

Call for Reviewers

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We are in urgent need of graduate or post-grad students, recent graduates and post-docs. I'm hoping that this is ok, but moderators, please delete this if you believe it is inappropriate.

eSharp is an award-winning interdisciplinary and international electronic academic journal based at the University of Glasgow with an average of 7,300 pages viewed per month. 


The eleventh issue of eSharp ocnsiders themes of social engagement, empowerment, and change.

We are looking for post-graduate (graduate) students, or recent post-docs, with an interest in reading and commenting on the papers that have been submitted for publication.  All submissions to eSharp are subjected to a thorough peer-review process, both to ensure the quality of the publication and to help students develop their research and writing skills. The number of submissions is rising with each issue of the journal, increasing our need for peer-reviewers from all disciplines. We make every effort to match the paper topic with your stated interests, which means that you are not inundated with frequent demands from eSharp, but are typically only contacted when your own stated interests match with the topic of a submission. Furthermore, we offer support and, where possible, training to all our peer-reviewers. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get valuable experience in academic publishing, and to be a part of a growing international postgraduate community.

eSharp has published contributions from around the world in a wide range of disciplines. The key aim of eSharp is to open the door into academic research and publishing for postgraduate students. We strive not only to encourage high-quality research and writing through peer-reviewed publication, but also seek to foster interdisciplinary- and international-exchange. Furthermore, eSharp provides opportunities for postgraduates to improve their skills and employability by offering experience in peer-reviewing, editing and journal management.

Our current call for papers has just passed, and we need more reviewers to join our team. If you are keen to learn more, please send an email to stating your name, level of study, and institution of affiliation. Be sure to state your specific areas of expertise and interest and attach a brief academic CV.

Please note: while we always need reviewers in all fields, at the moment I could really use people with interests and background in or related to:

1. Grassroots Latin American film/cinema

2. Indigenous peoples, globalization, ethnocide, environmental justice

3. Development, NGOs, Soka Gakkai (engaged Buddhism), mission, Brazil

4. International development/ social empowerment, conflict resolution, Afghanistan

5. Manipulation in translation, performativity, genderlessness

Please contact me directly at: if you can help with any of the above topics.
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