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Meet, Greet, and promply Unload on the community :)

Hi all, this is a meet/greet and unload post :)

I'm supposedly in the last throes of my PhD program in American Studies/Religious Studies at Michigan State University. I'm ABD, having finished my comps a few years ago. My wife and I had a family crisis (stillborn child) that really took the gumption out of me for a long time, and at the same time I had 1 year adjunct appointment at a local college and two courses to write/construct on the fly. Now I'm teaching back in my home university on an assistantship. We have a lovely living girlchild (3 months yesterday) and my wife is back at work. I'm splitting most of the daycare with a close family friend (who already has children). I've been staring down the horrid fear that with my new fathering responsibilities, I will not be able to finish my dissertation. In fact, the only reason I can write this is that she's finally taking a nap in the bedroom. Even when my wife has primary responsibility for her (when she's home from work) I find myself unable to detach--forever cleaning house, doing laundry, or washing/making bottles and nursers. Does anyone else here have young children? Any advice for carving out time and space for writing? Does it get easier? Can this be done?

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